The partner program is an affiliate program that empowers you to earn money by recommending our product.

We provide you with a unique referral link which you share with your audience and customers.

Our affiliate software (AffiliateWP) then tracks the clicks you refer to our site and when a visitor you referred to us signs up for, you get credited with the sale.

After the 30 day refund period elapses, we will pay you the commission amount that you’ve earned for that month.

Referral Policy

When a customer signs up as a result of having clicked an affiliate link, the partner whose link was clicked last (i.e. most recently) receives the credit.

If, for example, a customer clicks partner A’s affiliate link and then clicks Partner B’s affiliate link and then makes a purchase, Partner B receives credit for the referral.

Acceptance Into Our Partner Program

Whether we accept an individual into our partner program is at our discretion.

We believe that partners are just that – partners.

As such, we’re selective about who we partner with.

We want to work with awesome people who believe in our product and are passionate about helping the individuals in their audiences.

We reserve the right to remove a partner from our program for any reason whatsoever.

In this rare situation, any pending commissions will be paid in full in keeping with the payment terms.

We evaluate partner program applications meticulously.

We even like to call up our prospective partners and talk about how we can help each other grow our respective businesses while providing tremendous value to our respective audiences/customers.

We consider this “fit” to be more important than monetary considerations.

Payment Terms

You will be paid a one-time sum of $97 for every customer you refer to us.

We will pay you this fee 30 days after the date of signup.

We will pay you via Paypal – this is currently the only method of payment we offer.

Therefore, if you’d like to get paid in a timely manner you must have a Paypal account.

If a customer refunds their purchase within 30 days of the original signup date, your referral fee will be rendered null and void.

If a customer whom you referred purchases upsells or cross-sells from us (e.g. CDN services), your commission will remain $97.

If a customer whom you referred purchases multiple accounts with us, you will be credited $97

for each account they purchase.

Example: if John signs up for for 2 domains and then signs up for another 2-domain package, you will receive $97 for EACH of those signups.


Our affiliate software tracks sales through the use of cookies.

When somebody clicks on your referral link, a “cookie” is placed on their browser that tells our affiliate software who is responsible for referring the visitor to us.

Your affiliate cookie is valid for 9999 days.

As long as the person whom you referred doesn’t clear their browser’s cookies, you will get credited with a sale even if it happens a year after they clicked your link.

If, however, a person whom you referred clears their browser’s cookies, or completes signup on a device other than the one that was originally cookied, we have no way to verify that sale was referred by you, and in this instance you will not be credited with the referral.

You will be able to view statistics about visitors whom you referred in the Partner Program Dashboard.


We use “net 30” payment terms.

In other words, you will be paid 30 days after a customer signs up with us as a result of having clicked your referral link.

Payments are made in Paypal.

You must have a Paypal account in order to be compensated in a timely manner.

If you don’t have Paypal and would still like to participate in the partner program, please email us at [email protected] to discuss the matter (or start a live chat).


As partners, our business practices reflect on one another.

Therefore, we expect our partners to conduct their promotions of our product in a professional, honest, ethical fashion.

Any partners who engage in dishonesty, spam, indiscriminate dissemination of their referral link – or any other activity that isn’t wholesome and straight forward in its nature, will be dismissed from our partner program and any pending commissions forfeited.

Be cool and you’ve got nothing to worry about. 🙂