Our pitch deck unveiled!

We started off optimistically. The plan was to put together a sexy pitch deck, use it to seduce investors into funding our company and bada-bing, bada-boom --- we'd have a $150k in no time. I even had a nice template I could base my pitch deck on thanks to Dan Norris...

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My Startup vs My Girlfriend

Startup Journey My Startup vs My Girlfriend I love my girlfriend Nicole. But she sure didn’t feel the love when I sat her down for a little talk. Not long ago she’d moved in with me. It was my idea. I told her: “Baby, I’ll take care of you, I’ll support you, and we’ll...

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SpeedKills.io is Officially Launched!

Startup Journey SpeedKills.io is Officially Launched! Holy entrepreneurial adventures, Batman! We've finally launched our much-awaited, much-anticipated, 100% managed-for-you hosting service. Whilst riffing, I came up with the name SpeedKills.io. And despite back and...

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