SpeedKills.io is Officially Launched!

Holy entrepreneurial adventures, Batman!

We’ve finally launched our much-awaited, much-anticipated, 100% managed-for-you hosting service.

Whilst riffing, I came up with the name SpeedKills.io.

And despite back and forth about other name ideas with my business partner, we kept coming back to SpeedKills.io because it’s so darn catchy!

So, bully for us - but what does this all mean for you?

Well first off, we are fundamentally different from other hosting providers and that affects you for two reasons:

1. We operate on the assumption that our customers have neither the time nor desire to deal with hosting issues on any level whatsoever.

Sound like you?

And even if you do have the inclination to tinker with cPanels and MX records and all that jazz, you have no business wasting your time on something that can be cheaply and swiftly delegated to professionals who specialize in exactly such things.

As an intelligent (and ridiculously busy) entrepreneur, or designer, or whatever you happen to be - you know and I know that you need to delegate as much as possible.

Your time and attention are limited and should be focused on working within your “genius zone” at a high, strategic level that pays big dividends in your busines - not goofing around with DNS settings (that’s our job!)

In fact, other than providing you with sFTP access, we don’t even let you near your hosting. Stay away! 🙂

Instead, we do it ALL for you and we do it really, really well.

And as a young company, we’re just getting warmed up!

2. Second, we aren’t even really a hosting company per se.

We’re a services company.

Yes, we host your site on blazing fast, SSD cloud servers that we custom-deploy based on your unique business profile.

That’s the foundation but without proactive maintenance, it’s like a body that’s just a skeleton.

The other half is making sure the whole thing doesn’t break, is kept up to date, works, works faster and better than your competitors, and supports your business vision.

Thus, we proactively maintain and improve your hosting stack, keep your plugins/themes/WP up to date, monitor your domains for issues, fix issues when they arise, and do a lot of other important “stuff” (that you’d probably rather not do or even know about) that basically ensures you never have to deal with hosting.

It’s taken care of.


Done and dusted, mate.

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

I thought so too but my business partner was reluctant until we had this little chat:

Just joking, Josh. 😛

My partner was all-in from day one because he knew from direct experience running several multi-million dollar digital agencies just how badly needed this service really is.

We’ve invested significant time and funds (our own funds, mind you) to create initial traction and make sure that we can hire amazing team members, continually innovate, and really make our customers proud to say “SpeedKills.io does all of our hosting stuff…and they rock!”