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Insanely Fast WordPress Hosting

100% Managed-For-You

Insanely Fast WordPress Hosting

100% Managed-For-You

We proudly host these fine businesses

3 Simple ways to jumpstart your business TODAY

1. Improve site speed

  • A faster website = competitive advantage
  • Yields better search engine rankings
  • Reduces bounce rates
  • Improves “time on site”
  • Gives an elegant user experience
  • Boosts your conversion rates

2. Tighten security

  • Security holes put your business at risk
  • Allow hackers into your website
  • Can cost thousands of dollars
  • And countless hours of your personal time
  • Not to mention, tank your Google rankings
  • You think it can’t happen to you…? Think again!

If you run a website, you need Speedkills.io.

SpeedKills.io does everything, and sends me a weekly update with new performance improvements they do every week.

They also helped me recover from a nasty malware attack and helped me harden the site against future issues.

SpeedKills.io is what hosting should be.

Brittany Lynch

Founder, Ideal Me

3. Delegate, delegate!

  • You’re not a systems administrator
  • And hosting is a very complex world
  • You can’t afford to lose your precious time on it
  • Or make mistakes that will affect your site
  • Why not delegate hosting stuff to professionals?
  • So you get more of your time back
  • And have a faster, more secure website than your competitors
  • At a competitive price point
  • All without lifting a finger

Business owners doing epic things

Customer Spotlight (coming soon)

You deserve faster, more secure, hands-off hosting.

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