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Complete WordPress site cleaning service for $197

When your site has been hacked it’s vitally important to restore it to working order as quickly as possible.

Not only are you losing money but your Google rankings can be negatively impacted the longer you wait.

But cleaning up a website that’s been infected with malware can be difficult if you’re not well versed in WordPress security.

Here at SpeedKills.io we take security very seriously and we’ve cleaned up dozens of malware infected WordPress sites for our customers.

(Note: these website were hacked before they were hosted with us. 

It’s precisely because we do such a good job with malware removal that several of these folks decided to become SpeedKills.io customers!)

 Let our security team take care of this issue for you quickly and professionally so you can stop worrying and get on with business.

Our Site Cleaning Services Include:


Determine the nature of your hack, which parts of your site are affected, and plan an effective removal strategy.



Our WordPress security team determines how the hacker gained entry into your site so we can shut down the vulnerability.


Remove malicious code from your files, posts, pages, comments, source code, and folders (inclding non-WordPress directories).



Provide a full account of what we found, what we did to fix it, and what we did to harden your installation against future attacks.



Provide a detailed checklist from our internal procedures to help protect the site from future attacks.


Install the Wordfence Security plugin and set it up for you using our preferred configuation.

Covers unlimited pages on a single website for just $197

30 Day Guarantee

Work guaranteed for 30 days from service only if post-service recommendations are followed. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm ET. Service for orders placed after hours, on weekends and on holidays will begin on the next business day. Cleaning a site requires access to the admin area of your site, FTP login, and control panel access. We also need SSH access if available. After paying you will be redirected to a secure page to enter your login information that is sent encrypted to our systems. Only authorized Security Analysts have access to this information. Service not available for sites hosted on Windows servers.

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